Here Is A List Of Good Dubbed Anime To Watch With Your Otaku Squad

good dubbed anime

Good Dubbed Anime: Are you a movie buff and love watching animated films? If so, then with winters just around the corner, who would not want to watch anime, curled up on a sofa under the blanket along with their friends? Yes in case you are wondering which anime to watch, we give you a list of good dubbed anime shows available on the internet. There are many free English dubbed anime sites, but it’s hard to choose one from all these available. So links are provided as well. So some of the latest dubbed anime you can watch with your otaku (anime lover) friends are:

  1. Death Note- Death note is one of the most popular manga series ever. The story follows a high school student who goes by the name of Light Yagami. He discovers a supernatural notebook from Ryuk who is a Shinigami. The book grants its user, the power to kill anyone whose name and face is known by him. The series shows how Light tries to create and rule the world which has been cleansed of evil using that notebook. There is a detective L who tries to stop him. You can get free dubbed anime episodes of Death Note from the link provided below.
  1. Cowboy Bebop– Cowboy Bebop is an anime television series which has twenty-six episodes. It is also one of the good dubbed anime series to watch. The story is set in the year of 2071 and revolves around the lives of- a bounty hunter crew who travel on their spaceship. The spaceship is called bebop. This anime also explores the different philosophical aspects, for example, existential ennui, existentialism, and loneliness. The dubbed anime to watch is available online on various websites. This anime series calls for an interesting watch with your otaku friends.


Cowboy Bebop Dubbed anime


  1. Fullmetal Alchemist– It is a Japanese Sohonen manga series which has been written by the Hiromu arakawa and is a really good anime. The full metal alchemist world is styled upon the industrial revolution that took place in Europe. It is set in a universe where alchemy has been considered as the most advanced scientific technique. The story revolves around two brothers who go by the name of Edward and Alphonse Elric. Both of them are alchemists and are searching for the philosopher’s stone for restoring their bodies after they failed an attempt to bring the mother back from death using the power of alchemy. The dubbed animes online are available on various sites.


Fullmetal Alchemist dubbed anime


  1. Fairy Tail – Fairy tail is a manga series of Japanese which has been illustrated and written by the Hirom Mashima. It is also one of the good dubbed anime to watch with your friend. The story follows the adventures of a teenage wizard Natshu Dragneel who is also a member of the popular wizard guild fairy tail. He searches for the dragon Igneel in the anime series. If you are wondering where can I watch dubbed anime, especially fairy tail do not worry, there are loads of online websites which allow users to stream this classic anime for free.


Fairy Tail


  1. Tokyo Ghoul – Tokyo Ghoul, is one of the best Japanese dark fantasy manga series which has been written by Sui Ishida. The story is set in an alternate reality, a place where ghouls live among the normal humans but in secret. Ghouls are the individuals whose only way of survival is eating human flesh. They hold back their true identity to escape the authorities. The story revolves around Ken Kaneki who has a deadly encounter with the Rize Kamishiro who was his date and a ghoul. After surgery, he gets transformed into a half-ghoul, and his daily struggles are portrayed in this anime series. He strives hard to live as a half human and half ghoul. You can watch this online as well.


Tokyo Ghoul dubbed anime


  1. Attack on Titan– Attack on Titan is also a manga series of Japanese which has been illustrated and written by the Hajime Isayama, and it has been set in the world where the humanity thrives in a city which has been surrounded by the enormous walls. The walls are built for defense against titans who eat humans without any particular reason. The story follows Eren Yeager and his childhood friends who gradually join the military services to fight the deadly titans after their hometown gets invaded. However, the story gradually revolves around the Titans, and the narrative gets shifted to the other supporting characters of this amazing story. This is a must watch for true anime lovers. Watch dubbed anime online with your friend.


Attack on Titan dubbed anime


  1. Dragon ball z – The initial manga of dragon ball z was written and created by Toriyama. The series revolves around and follows the main protagonist Son Goku. Good Dubbed Anime. It goes from his childhood to adulthood and his training as he travels the world in search of the seven orbs otherwise known as the dragon balls. The dragon balls summon a dragon which grants wish. During his journey, he makes friends and also encounters many new villains. All of this is explored in the dragon ball manga. There are many English dubbed anime websites free where the entire dragon ball z series is available for its viewers. So watch it with your friends and enjoy.


Dragon ball z dubbed anime


  1. One piece – One piece is another Japanese manga series which has been written as well as illustrated by Elichiro Oda. The story closely follows the adventures of Monkey D Luffy. He is a boy whose body gained rubber-like properties after he unintentionally consumed a Devil Fruit. He along with his crew of pirates sets out to explore the Grand Line in quest of the ultimate treasure. The ultimate treasure of the world is known as One Piece which will make him the next Pirate King. Watch this amazing series online and enjoy your vacations.


One piece dubbed anime


  1. One punch man– One punch man, is still ongoing Japanese webcomic that was created by an author who uses the pseudonym One. This series is tells us the story of an extremely overpowered superhero who goes by the name of Saltama. Saltama has grown bored by the lack of challenges in his life, and thus he looks for a worthy opponent in his fight for evil. One punch man is one of the best current ongoing series. You can watch the dubbed anime online net version of one punch man using the link provided.


One punch man dubbed anime


  1. Bleach – bleach is both an anime television series as well as a manga. The series is based on the manga written by Tite Kubo. It ran for a total of 366 episodes. Bleach follows closely the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he gets the powers of a Soul Reaper. He is forced to defend humans from the evil spirits with the help of this new found power. He also guides the dead and departed souls safely to the afterlife. This is one of the most interesting anime of present day and is worth a watch for everyone. Bleach is one of the Good dubbed anime shows.


Bleach dubbed anime


Thus, these are the best anime you can watch with your otaku friend online also for absolutely free of cost. So hurry up, start watching all of these amazing anime series.

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