The List Of Best and New English Dubbed Anime 2018

New Dubbed Anime: All of us love anime which contains good action sequences. Now in this festive season coming, it’s your time to stay curled up in bed with your laptop and watch all of these amazing anime online. But it is quite a hassle to find the right websites to stream or download your favorite anime. Anime mostly being Japanese, it’s hard to find a suitable dubbed version online as well. There is a good reason for anime to be as popular as it is. Now we are here to solve these problems for you. If you are looking for the good English dubbed anime, we provide you the list of the best dubbed anime 2017.

  • Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto: Shippuuden

Probably the longest running and the most recommended anime. Naruto, who is a knucklehead ninja, is the main protagonist of this anime. If you want a fun anime series to watch, Naruto is the best for you. The story goes something like this, Naruto, who was never a talented or popular ninja discovers the Nine-Tailed Fox hidden powers present inside him. He dreams of becoming the leader of Fire village of the ninjas. But there are many evils on the way, does he protect his friends from the evil or does he not? Watch new dubbed anime and find out. This top English dubbed anime is available on various websites, including the link provided below.

  • Samurai Champloo

If you love the samurai swordsmanship, just like the good old times, this is the perfect new dubbed anime for you. This story is about two skilled samurais, who are opposed to each other. What happens when they cross paths? Mugen, Jin, and Fuu are the team, and they are forced to go on a quest together. No love and friendship bullshit, this anime calls for the samurai lover inside you. This and all dubbed anime are available for streaming on numerous websites online, but we know the best websites for you and your anime lover heart.


  • Soul Eater

Soul Eater New dubbed anime

Did the name scare you? Well, it should, for this anime series is not for the faint of the heart. This is a classic anime which every single anime fan should watch. The story is based on Death City which is the home and has a school for various weapon wielders. Watch as the teams hunt down 99 bad humans and exactly one witch to become worthy of the Death God himself. Maka and Soul, the main protagonists, will face enemies, but will they be successful in their quest or will they get destroyed by their enemies? You should watch and find out from the top dubbed anime streaming sites available. Watch all the new English dubbed anime 2017 on the websites as well. The link for the new dubbed anime is given below.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist dubbed anime

This is a new dubbed anime story which is quite an interesting one. It is set in a strange land where alchemy is still considered as a very highly skilled profession. The story shows Ed’s attempt to revive their dead mother and how he loses an arm and leg while trying to do so. Al, his other brother, loses his entire body as well. They begin an adventure to find the mysterious stone, which is the Philosopher’s stone. They believe it can solve all of their problems and restore what has been already lost. Will they ultimately find it? Or will they be unsuccessful in their attempt? Find out by clicking the link and watch the best dubbed anime 2017 over there as well.

  • Noir

Noir latest dubbed anime

One of the rare woman-centered anime stories. This is a must watch. The story revolves around a woman who is a professional assassin. A show which is equally action-packed and interesting, this will keep you glued to your computer screen. The assassin duo together uncovers the shady past of Kirika. The duo, Yummura, and Mirelle are however put into complicated situations by an organization which is called as Les Soldats. Watch this anime and a lot more of the new English dubbed anime 2017 on all of the websites provided in the links. All of these will keep you super entertained. These are all entirely free to watch as well, with no streaming charges associated.

  • Cowboy Bepop

Cowboy Bepop

Unarguably this is the best anime series of all time. Expect comical to badass fight scenes, with a wide variety of emotions and actions packed in the overtly popular classic anime. It has been set in the year of 2071 when humans have migrated from the planet earth as it is supposedly unfit for human living. They have moved to some other nongaseous planet and the crew of the spaceship, named as Bepop travel on numerous extraterrestrial missions and face various situations. If you are looking for a hassle-free website which streams cowboy bepop and just dubbed anime online then do not worry, the link has the been provided. Grab the popcorn and start enjoying.

  • Claymore


If you want a fantasy as well as an action-packed anime, which is filled with power packed action scenes and demons, worry no more, we have got the most suitable anime here for you. This is also a new dubbed anime in english. The story is set in a land where there are many eating yomas. But the only people who can protect the humans must be the half human half yoma hybrid. The woman army, for their appearance, is called as Claymores who seek out the deadly Yomas who disguise themselves as normal humans. The weakest of the Claymores, Claire rescues a man and take him along with her, but what happens after that? Watch this latest english dubbed anime to find out using the link provided below.

  • Psycho-pass


An anime based on future is what we have always dreamt of watching. Yes, psycho pass takes place in future. The most interesting part is the government is present inside your head. Now does this sound absurd? Well, it will not once you start watching it. You can’t even think about committing any crime. It the world where mental stability determines whether you are guilty or not, will this determine the sanity? Or will sanity be the same as morality? If you also have these questions then turn on your computer and start watching this epic anime series as soon as you can.

  • One punch man

one punch man english dub

One of the newest of anime series is one punch man. If you like a dose of comedy in your action-packed anime, then one punch man is your perfect partner for lonely days. Saitama, who is the protagonist of this best new dubbed anime – one punch man, wants to be a superhero, all of these, just because he fought an evil person. Now he accidentally becomes the strongest human to walk on the surface of the earth and loses all of his hair as well. But what’s the problem of our superhero here? He doesn’t get to fight with his enemies as most of the fights end with just one punch, thus justifying the name of the show, watch this anime using the link provided below. Hope you like this new dubbed anime list or i may say english dubbed anime series list.

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